Our Story
Our co-founder, Alexia Mezzini, discovered her passion for education when she began tutoring her younger brothers. What started as a hobby 10 years ago has turned into a passionate career. To this day, she continues to tutor students daily in hopes of making an impact on their lives. Alexia graduated from the University of Miami with degrees in psychology, education, and math. She chose to ignore the pressures of joining the corporate world, and instead focused on what makes her happy: tutoring. Our co-founder, Mohamed El Banna, was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and then went on to study construction in the U.S. As he analyzed the difference between his two homes, he realized the importance of education in a community. He strongly believes it is the core of any well-established society: without education, there is no growth. Mohamed’s natural inclination towards entrepreneurship got him interested in starting a business that will make a difference. Alexia and Mohamed shared the same ideas and visions of how they want to make an impact on the world. Together, they created My Tutor Lab to make these visions a reality.
Who We Are
My Tutor Lab is an education technology company that connects students with our verified tutors for one-on-one private sessions scheduled via our mobile application. We provide a more accessible, convenient, and efficient way of education.
Our Mission Statement
At My Tutor Lab we connect tutors that love sharing knowledge with students that crave education. Our mission is to encourage diversity, knowledge, and curiosity within our communities to ensure a better future.
Our values
Our values represent who we are, what we believe in, and why we do the things we do to serve our students, tutors, and employees.
Curiosity is what sparks a conversation, before creativity there is curiosity, before learning there is curiosity. My Tutor Lab encourages curiosity because it is the root of all our actions.
We provide you with the support you need to take control of your success.
We don’t see it any other way. My Tutor Lab believes in an “open” policy, why hide anything when there is no reason to.
Social Responsibility
We are dedicated to a better tomorrow. We believe our actions must always benefit the whole of society, it is our responsibility to make a difference.
Knowledge is the core to success. My Tutor Lab provides you with the resources you need to reach your goals.
We believe that each culture is unique and deserves to be acknowledged for it.
We believe that everyone should be treated with respect. We hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards.
If we are not available in your location, please be patient. We are on our way.