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Personalized Sessions

We select the best tutors in Florida so families can find their perfect match. Each session is one-on-one and personalized to meet every student’s needs.

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Hire a tutor at anytime from the convenience of the MyTutorLab app. We provide on demand tutoring services all across Florida.


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My Tutor Lab offers standard-curriculum subjects for students K-12, advanced placement courses, arts, and test prep tutoring. Whether it is the soundwaves created by a guitar or those measured in AP Physics, we teach your subject.

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Tutors are organized in our unique tier structure according to their qualifications; so you can choose a tutor that fits your needs.

Tier 1


Qualified tutors that excel in subject matters and are passionate about education.

Tier 2


Professionals with an undergraduate degree and work experience in their respective fields.

Tier 3


Premier tutors with both higher education or teaching certificates and years of work experience.

- Alexia

CoFounder & Tutor

“We realize that a happy tutor is a good tutor. We do the most for our tutors so students can focus on getting better grades”

- Juan

Father of 2

"Keeping up with my kids’ homework is always a struggle, especially my son. Too often, he comes home and announces he has a test in the morning. Now, I can search on-demand tutors available and have one here in minutes.”

- Solana

Tutor & Producer

“My Tutor Lab provides me with the freedom to pursue my career goals; while sharing my passion for education with others on my free time”



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