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Excellent Compensation

The best tutoring jobs come with excellent compensation. Our tutors earn 75% when they use our on demand tutoring app! Make 2x more than the average tutor by signing up today!

Scheduling Made Simple

The best tutoring jobs also allow tutors to manage their weekly schedules. Work when and how often you want. Make your own schedule, and manage your own workload by using our app.

Set Your Location

The best tutoring jobs allow tutors to set their preferred location. With our on demand tutoring app, tutors set how far they are willing to commute. Tutor where you want, choose your drive.

Accept Jobs on the Fly

Tutors are always looking for the best tutoring jobs. MyTutorLab allows you to work on demand. Simply toggle the “available now” switch to find a new student asap. Now, you can work when you want, wherever you are.

Insurance Benefits

We know that sometimes things go wrong. Don’t worry! We have you covered. My Tutor Lab provides professional liability coverage for our tutors during their sessions so you, and the students, can feel safe.

Background Check

The best tutoring jobs make things easy and convenient for the tutor. Your job application is completed online, and you will be updated on the status throughout the entire process. Get started today!

Application Process

Our application process is quick and simple.


Apply online by filling our easy 3-step application form.
You will be directed to complete your one-way virtual interview and proficiency exam so we can get to know you better.
Complete your background check following the link that will be sent to you.
Time to make it official. Electronically sign documents making you a My Tutor Lab Partner.
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