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Parent/Student FAQ’s

Do you only tutor at homes?

You set the session’s location, whether it be your home, a library, or a friend’s house. The tutor comes to you.

How much does a session cost?

The cost varies depending on the duration and tier of your tutor. An estimated charge will be displayed before you confirm the session.

What happens if I cancel my upcoming session?

My Tutor Lab will allow you to cancel your tutoring free of charge up to 90 minutes prior to the session. If you cancel the session within the 90-minute period, you will be charged 50% of the first hour of tutoring with respective tutor.

What happens if my tutor cancels an upcoming session?

You will be notified immediately if the tutor cancels your session. My Tutor Lab will ask if you would like us to schedule another tutor for the same time, or arrange for a different time with your scheduled tutor.

If I am pleased with a tutor, can I book them outside the app?

No, tutors are not allowed to accept sessions that are not booked and confirmed through My Tutor Lab. If they do, all professional liability coverage provided by My Tutor Lab will not longer be in effect.

Who do I contact if something goes wrong?

You can contact My Tutor Lab directly through our app, we will be happy to resolve any issues that may occur.

Can I tip my tutor?

My Tutor Lab does not include tipping in our billing. Tips are not expected or required. Should you decide to tip, the decision to accept lies with the tutor.

How are tutors ranked by tier?

Tier 1:
Qualified tutors excel in subject matters and are passionate about
education. This tier was designed for college students and aspiring

Tier 2:
Professionals who have graduated from an accredited university and
have years of real-life work experience relating to their field of

Tier 3:
Premier tutors with both higher education or teaching certificates and
years of work experience. This tier was designed for tutors that have
devoted their life to education.

Tutor FAQ's

What tier of tutors do I fall under?

Depending on your education and work experience, My Tutor Lab places you in one of three tiers. You will be notified before signing the contract which tier you have been assigned under.

How much do I earn per hour?

My Tutor Lab will only take a 25% share of each session. Currently, our lowest hourly pay to a tutor is $37.50.

What if you are not active in my location yet?

We encourage tutors to apply, even if we are not active in your location. Once we become available in your area, you will be notified.

Can I tutor for other companies as well?

Yes! My Tutor Lab simply asks you to not tutor for any competing tutoring apps and on-demand tutoring services.

What if I have existing clients?

You may keep any existing clients; My Tutor Lab does not interfere with your existing business. However, please consider inviting your clients to our platform so you and the client can take advantage of the benefits we offer.

I have never tutored before; can I still sign up?

Yes, we understand that not everyone has experience. As long as you have a passion for education, good communication skills, and have a high understanding of the subject matter, you are a candidate.

Am I considered your employee or an independent contractor?

Our tutors are classified as independent contractors. If you earn $600 or more using the My Tutor Lab app throughout one calendar year, My Tutor Lab will report your earnings to the IRS via 1099 form. You will be responsible to file and pay your own taxes at the end of each tax year.

What if a customer cancels a session or doesn’t show up?

If a customer cancels the session within 90 minutes prior to the session start time or does not show up for a scheduled session, the tutor will be compensated 50% of one hour’s earnings.

What if I am late for a session?

Through our app, contact student or guardian regarding your tardiness. If student or guardian are ok with a later start time for the session, proceed to their location. If student or guardian request you to cancel the session, proceed to cancel said session. Please be aware, habitual lateness and cancellation may result in suspension or cancellation of your account.

How do I get paid?

My Tutor Lab uses Paypal to compensate tutors daily. Tutors will be responsible for connecting their bank information to Paypal to receive their earnings.

What should I do if a customer wants to pay me directly?

Politely decline the customer’s offer and explain that accepting any such offer will be in direct violation of our agreement. It is unlawful, un-ethical, and disrespectful to accept any payment or tutoring requests outside the My Tutor Lab app. Any violation of our agreement may result in suspension; cancelation of your account and further legal measures may be taken.

If there is a subject I would like to teach that is not available to me on the app, how do I request to add it?

The My Tutor Lab app has a “Request Curriculum” option. Using this feature, you can request an additional course or subject to be added to your account. After reviewing your request, My Tutor Lab will either grant you the request or will notify you why we are unable to do so.

Do I need to have a car?

Having access to a vehicle is not required to become a tutor. However, tutors must be able commute from one location to another and are expected to be on-time to scheduled and on-demand sessions.

Will I be compensated for gas or commuting expenses?

As independent contractors, tutors are responsible for any expenses that occur on the job. However, an advantage of being an independent contractor is the ability to deduct business expenses such as fuel and supplies on your tax reports.