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Find the best tutor for you in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Looking for a tutor will never be so convenient and tailored to your needs than with My Tutor Lab, the first app that connects students with a wide variety of experienced tutors committed to helping them reach their goals. The best tutors for every K-12 topic are just a click away in Orlando. Just set your location and filter through date, time, subject and tier. Book a private class that meets your needs while using our on-demand tutoring app.

Our App connects you with tutors that know how to share their vast knowledge in a way that resonates positively with students. Personal accounts for both the student and parent are created to track students’ performance, request tutoring sessions, and chat with tutors in order to take a more active role in learning.

We believe that the use of new technologies is an excellent way to accelerate any student learning process. We combine this, together with our excellent tutors, to design the best tutoring experience possible.

Educational Landscape in Orlando, FL

Education in Orlando is centered in cultivating students at every level to be part of the city’s workforce of the future. Private and public-school systems are also greatly developed here, making Orlando’s demand for all kind of tutors very high. Orlando is also home to many colleges, including Rollins College in Winter Park and the University of Central Florida (UCF)..

All four K-12 districts in Orlando have proven to be very focused on maintaining excellent performance. Many of the schools in these four districts are known to be awarded prizes like; Broad Prize for Urban Education, “Best High School,” and “Top of the Class.” Some of the leading schools in the area are The First Academy, Lake Highland Preparatory School, and Bishop Moore Catholic High School. This high performance has proven to be the main focus for not only students but the community as a whole.

Educators, parents, and community leaders work together from the starting stages of students’ educational process all the way to college, in order to be able to offer the opportunities students need to achieve high academic performance. Educational programs in Orlando focus on progressive placement and dual enrollment, STEM, robotics, the arts, and have implemented personalized learning approaches. Knowing this, My Tutor Lab is focused on providing Orlando with the best tutors available in the most convenient way to improve students’ learning experience.

Tutoring made simple.