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Set your location and filter through all of our tutors by date, time, subject and tier. Hire a private tutor that meets your needs

Confirm Your Private Tutoring Session

Adults, your tutoring sessions are confirmed automatically. Minors, hold tight while we get approval from your your guardian. While using our on demand tutoring app, give your tutor a few minutes to accept the request.

Work With Your Private Tutor

Your private tutor will arrive at your location. Your session begins when both you and the tutor are ready to start. We encourage all students to show initiative, ask questions, learn, and enjoy.

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Once the session is completed, rate your private tutor. Your payment is automatically charged to the credit card using the My Tutor Lab tutoring app.

My Tutor Lab is unlike any tutoring App Around

On Demand Tutoring

Find the best tutors nearby – available for a tutoring session asap. With our On Demand tutoring app, you will have a tutor at your location in minutes.

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Schedule sessions with your favorite tutor weeks in advance. Book your tutor one-time or make it a recurring session, take control of our schedule.


Students and Guardians will have the chance to rate our tutors. You can filter through our tutors according to their rating.


Tutors can chat with their students and respective guardians to track their progress and discuss ongoing sessions.

Parental Control

Guardians can book tutors, oversee respective student conversations, and confirm requested sessions.

Student Account

Students can create their own personal account in which they can request tutoring sessions, chat with their tutor, and take responsibility of their learning.